Viewers get to experience the solar eclipse at USCA

Hundreds of people gathered on the lawn of the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center (RPSEC) to watch the solar eclipse at the University of South Carolina Aiken.

Families, students, faculty, and staff enjoyed a breathtaking spectacle on Monday, April 8, as the moon gracefully obscured the sun.

“My daughter, Gia, is the one who encouraged me about coming out today,” said Emily Howard. “This eclipse will be the only one that Gia and I will be able to see for the next twenty years.”

Kids even participated in fun scientific activities where they could view the eclipse through telescopes and projections on the ground using pieces of paper. “Events like this are what got me into astronomy as a kid when I had my first telescope,” said Neil Miller, Senior Instructor of Chemistry/Physics at USCA.

 Attendees were even given special glasses to view the eclipse provided by the RPSEC.

It’s been seven years since the United States witnessed an awe-inspiring total eclipse in 2017. Now, fans will have to wait twenty-one years before they get to witness another one in 2045.

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