USCA Hosts Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop

The University of South Carolina Aiken Pacer Center organized a workshop titled "Accept All Cookies: Digital Entrepreneurship” on Friday, March 29. Collaborating with the USC Faber Entrepreneurship Center and the SC Department of Commerce, the event aimed to equip students and community members with insights into the dynamic realm of digital entrepreneurship.

The workshop delved into the nuances of digital business, beginning with introductions to distinguished speakers followed by an industry overview. Attendees actively engaged with the speakers in small group sessions, exploring various entrepreneurial prospects within the digital sphere.

Culminating in a stimulating panel discussion, speakers elaborated on prevalent themes and emerging trends identified during the interactive sessions. Networking opportunities during the lunch session allowed participants to forge connections with peers and panelists alike.

The workshop boasted an impressive roster of speakers, including:

- Bill Tiszai: Owner & CEO at Cold Creek Nurseries

- Dr. Kasie Whitener: Professor of Entrepreneurship, author, and business owner

- Richard Santalesa: Smart Edge Law Group

- Erika Ramsey: Realtor at Coldwell Banker Best Life Reality

- Susan O'Connor: USC Aiken Reference & Instruction Librarian

- Norman Dunagan: Owner of Dumpster Depot and Whiskey Alley

Each speaker shared their professional journey and insights, offering invaluable perspectives into the digital entrepreneurial landscape.

The "Accept All Cookies: Digital Entrepreneurship" workshop attracted a diverse cohort of participants, ranging from students to seasoned professionals. By fostering knowledge-sharing, networking opportunities, and hands-on engagement, the event empowered attendees to explore the immense potential of digital entrepreneurship.

Dr. Sanela Porca, Executive Director of the Pacer Center and Professor of Economics in the School of Business Administration, said, "This workshop was an invaluable experience for anyone interested in the world of digital entrepreneurship. The speakers' insights and interactive sessions gave us a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges in this dynamic field." 

Iris Nicols, President of the Phi Mu Fraternity, Lambda Delta Chapter, and member of the School of Business Administration Council for Business Students expressed her enthusiasm. " The workshop was extremely informative and inspiring for me and many other students like me,” she said. “Getting the opportunity to hear from the esteemed speakers and speak with them was a truly invaluable experience, and I am so excited to see what the future of digital business holds!”

The USCA Pacer Center, the USC Faber Entrepreneurship Center, and the SC Department of Commerce are proud to have hosted this impactful event, nurturing the growth and development of the next generation of digital entrepreneurs.

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