Student and professor team up to develop math app for Android devices at USCA

Applied computer science major Soumik Debjit Mitra and Professor Rao Li have developed an Android app to assist students with Math 174 Discrete Math for Computer Science at the University of South Carolina Aiken. The app, called “Discrete Math in Your Hands,” is available for free download in the Google Play Store.  


The app is USCA’s first Android product in the Google Play Store. Mitra, a senior from India, approached Li about developing an app for Discrete Math after taking his CSCI 340 Mobile Application Development course during the fall 2022 semester his first semester on campus and in the United States.


He says, “My thinking in developing the app was that students need access to content easily, with all topics in one place. With the app, the student or professor just presses the button for topics or subtopics and can access those course materials.”


Mitra and Li collaborated on the app and began development in May 2023. Google Play’s testing phase took in place January and February, during which 20 testers were required to review the app’s performance each day for 14 days. Mitra’s parents in India, who have proudly followed their son’s achievements in the United States, were among the testers. After passing assessment and testing requirements, the app was approved for launch in early March 2024. 


The app’s content is categorized into 12 topics, such as Logic, Sets, Counting Methods, Matrices, Relations, Probability, and Graphs and Trees, with each topic containing two to four subtopics. The content is provided in PDF files, but Mitra is also in the process of building a website with notes and study guides that can be accessed by iPhone users. In late March, Mitra and Li attended the S.C. Academy of Science Annual Meeting in Charleston, where they presented the app during the Math and Computer Science session.


Mitra began his studies at USCA in the fall of 2022 as a junior, having completed his freshman and sophomore years at a university in India. After he graduates in May, he plans to pursue a mobile or web development career.


Li, Mitra’s professor for both Math 174 and CSCI 340, has been an instructor of Discrete Math at USCA for more than 20 years. He says, “Google has a very strict process, and this is a very unusual accomplishment for an undergraduate student, one that I am very proud of. It is a successful story of USCA’s applied computer science and math programs.”

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