Student-Athlete Brings Insider Perspective to USC Aiken Athletics Marketing Internship

In the bustling world of collegiate athletics, where dedication and passion converge, student-athletes often find themselves navigating a dual existence—juggling the demands of both academia and sports. Among these driven individuals is Jordan Huynh-Luetkemeyer, a standout women's soccer player at USC Aiken who recently completed a transformative marketing internship with USC Aiken Athletics during the fall semester of 2023.

Jordan's journey with USC Aiken Athletics began during her sophomore year when she joined the Athletic Department, immersing herself in the dynamic realm that is sports marketing. Her mentor throughout this enriching experience was Brent Hager, Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Communications. Under Hager's guidance, Jordan flourished, leaving an indelible mark on the department.

The story of USC Aiken Athletics dates back to 1961, originating with men's basketball. Today, the athletic program has evolved, encompassing a diverse array of men's and women's sports. Remarkably, 10% of the undergraduate student body at USC Aiken participates in collegiate athletics, reflecting the university's commitment to fostering excellence both on and off the field.

The foundation of USC Aiken Athletics revolves around the department's four Cs: classroom, community, competition, and campus. These pillars underscore the holistic development of student-athletes, emphasizing the importance of academic achievement, community engagement, spirited competition, and a strong campus presence.

Jordan's contribution to USC Aiken Athletics during her internship was multifaceted. Her responsibilities ranged from creating eye-catching flyers for athletic events to designing graphics for social media. She actively participated in game-day activities, ensuring everything from scoreboard setups to well-organized locker rooms. Her involvement extended beyond the athletic arena; she crafted promotional materials for Oktoberfest and directed captivating videos.

In her Honors Capstone presentation, Jordan shared insights gained during her internship. She learned the art of crafting compelling sports articles, the significance of strategic brand design, and the importance of saying "yes" to diverse projects while maintaining flexibility. Moreover, she grasped the crucial role of social media marketing in the sports landscape.

One of Jordan's notable accomplishments was authoring "A Closer Look," a compelling story on Jentri Worley, a women's basketball team member, featured on the Pacer Athletics website. This exemplifies her ability to narrate the human side of athletes, giving them a voice beyond the scoreboard.

As a student-athlete, Jordan brought a unique perspective to her internship. Her firsthand experience as an athlete provided an insider's view and fresh ideas. She became a direct point of contact with other student-athletes, enabling her to authentically tell their stories, humanizing the faces behind their athletic prowess.

Looking ahead, Jordan is well-prepared for the fast-paced professional world. She has honed her writing skills, gained confidence in video content production, and developed the flexibility to adapt to evolving projects. Her networking abilities have been finely tuned, setting the stage for future successes.

Post-graduation, Jordan aspires to pursue an MBA in project management at USC Aiken. Her ambitions include securing a supply chain apprenticeship with SRNS, a testament to the diverse skill set she has acquired through her internship. Jordan Huynh-Luetkemeyer stands as a shining example of how the synergy between athletics and academics can cultivate well-rounded individuals ready to excel in any endeavor they pursue.

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